Posts The Parenting of Owen Benjamin and Amy Reinke

The Parenting of Owen Benjamin and Amy Reinke

When YouTubers livestream their unfit parenting to the world.

Here’s what we have learned about the parenting of Owen Benjamin, from Owen’s own words and video footage he has streamed to the world.

Owen has lied about CPS visits to his home. He either falsely reported himself to preliminarily de-legitimize reports about him, or lied to the viewing audience about the reports, ostensibly to intimidate/dissuade others from reporting him.

In perhaps further efforts to intimidate against reports, he has bragged that CPS has come to his house and they do not bother to investigate, referring to them as ‘overworked bureacrats’ who ‘just fill out forms and check boxes’.

The older child (Walter, 5 years old) beats up the younger child (Charlie, 3 years old) and the dad (Owen) seems to have no control over the situation, and even encourages it.

In fact, as unbelievable as it is, Owen has mocked Charlie on camera for getting beat up by Walter.

The mother (Amy) has expressed that she is in fear that Charlie will kill the baby (Jack, 1 year old) with his roughhousing.

Amy has filmed Charlie drinking out of an unsanitary pool meant for ducks as content for her Instagram account.

The kids are encouraged to hit and throw things at dad as a playful game and are not disciplined for violence.

Owen says he uses ‘pressure points’ on the children and ‘vulcan death pinches’ because they cause maximum pain and minimum damage.

The kids are allowed/encouraged to physically hit the animals.

The dad constantly says inappropriate things in front of the children.

The dad gives advice to his audience that they should teach ‘little kids’ about pornography.

The dad gives the advice that if you lie to your kids you are setting them up to be like black people.

The older child is already bullying other children.

The children aren’t being formally educated.

The children aren’t allowed to see a dentist.

Charlie does not talk and is not receiving assistance for his developmental delays.

Walter, unsupervised in the background on Owen’s broadcast, has dropped his pants and urinated as Owen livestreams it to the world on YouTube and other platforms.

Owen has burned the children’s books in the backyard as content for his YouTube livestream.

Owen has livestreamed himself acting erratically with a rock of white powder visible in his nostril and often appears impaired, broadcasting upstairs in the small house he shares with the children.

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