Posts The Many Interpersonal Conflicts of Sensitive Cult Leader Owen Benjamin

The Many Interpersonal Conflicts of Sensitive Cult Leader Owen Benjamin

Jesse ThornOwen falsely accuses a guy of giving his kid hormone blockers.
Brendan KrickOwen sexually assaults a fellow comedian on stage.
Saranac Lake PeopleOwen sings a vulgar song at a town hall and refuses to apologize, skips town instead.
Woman in the WoodsOwen screams at a woman on a hiking trail.
Joe RoganOwen makes a mistake and embarrasses Joe. Owen loses his mind after being rejected by another grown man.
Joey DiazOwen carries on a years-long one-sided feud after voluntarily eating too much weed on Joey’s podcast.
Steven CrowderOwen cries and carries on a years-long one-sided feud because Crowder fired him.
Alex JonesOwen cries and carries on a years-long one-sided feud because Alex fired him.
Amy’s FamilyOwen celebrates the death of his mother-in-law and gets in fights with Amy’s family about conspiracy theories at holiday gatherings.
Eric DubayOwen spirals as a way to avoid debating Dubay. Of all Owen’s public conflicts, he’s never taken part in a debate.
Johnny ArcadeOwen doxxes a former fan and lies about him attempting to murder his son with poison gummies.
Eric NimmerOwen chooses a known valor-stealing liar over his fans then ends up scammed out of $10,000.
Owen’s DadOwen and his mom conspire to ruin his dad’s name for years only to admit it was all a lie.
MershOwen lies and says he has a detective who reported to him that Mersh admitted his fans swatted Owen.
PorsalinOwen’s fans doxx and slander a documentary filmmaker, sending him into hiding.
Allan PowellOwen manipulates a troll video and larps as if his life is in danger.
Vincent JamesOwen accuses Vince of setting him up because of negative questions from the audience.
Nick FuentesOwen loses his mind because Nick said he and Owen don’t agree on everything.
Mike MeloniOwen gets mad after Mike stops running the ‘Owen Benjamin Highlights’ channel.
Captain CutlerOwen ‘purges’ loyal followers for questioning Vox Day and the UnauthorizedTV scam.
Over BearOwen ‘purges’ loyal followers for questioning Vox Day and the UnauthorizedTV scam.
Jordan PetersonOwen gets upset when JBP does not reciprocate Owen’s attempt at a creepy pseudo father/son relationship.
Mikhaila PetersonOwen loses his mind over a harmless Instagram comment.
Ty RichardsOwen has a falling out with a fan who dared to ask for compensation for designing his tour merch.
Semper BearOwen falls out with a fan who defended a female fan Owen called a whore repeatedly.
Saucen BearOwen repeatedly calls a fan a whore for not dropping a topic fast enough.
Nate SlatteryOwen destroys a fan for writing a book using bear terms, despite Owen giving the project his blessing.
Davey CrockoOwen makes unsubstantiated accusations of swatting.
Remnant BearOwen berates a fan for his Christian religious views and support of King David.
Cowboy BearOwen berates a fan who just lost a young child.
LTVOwen berates and sexually harasses a fellow streamer for making video clips of him.
` FrostOwen gets triggered over a fellow streamer’s minor countersignaling.
Pastor BearOwen berates and doxxes a fan to defend James True’s honor.
Lady QOwen berates a fan for her support of QAnon.
Richie From BostonOwen freaks out when another streams points out that Owen is from Hollywood.
Oil BearOwen accuses a fan of a ‘full psychotic break’ for suggesting he use an ethernet cable.
Rex ArcanaOwen berates a fan for offering to meet up with another fan.
Harrison SmithOwen goes after Harrison for his affiliation with Alex Jones.
Rex JonesOwen goes after Rex for his affiliation with Alex Jones.
DestaneeOwen berates an abuse victim and accuses her of hacking the bears’ Instagram accounts.
James TrueOwen lovebombs a fellow streamer and takes his money before kicking him to the curb.
Marty LeedsOwen berates streamer for not having kids after claiming bears would never berate someone for not having kids.
Post Office ManOwen gets in a shouting match over mask-wearing.
Post Office WomanOwen berates a woman who tells him to wear a mask.
Comfy BearOwen gets mad at a mirror channel for allowing mean comments about him.
Sporting Goods StoreOwen screams about rape after being told to wear a mask.
Elizabeth MOwen steals $400 beartaria donation from a former fan and refuses to give a refund.
KatBearOwen tell shis followers to come to Idaho then gets upset when one says hello at the post office.
Milker NationOwen is triggered by satirical content.
Ohio Fire BearOwen encourages a devout follower to start a bear church then attacks and banishes him for it.
Jay DyerOwen is triggered by a commentator’s criticism. Owen rejects “thousands” of offers to debate.
E. Michael JonesOwen lies when confronted about his blasphemy of the Holy Spirit then spirals in the days after.
MiloOwen is triggered by Milo staging an “intervention” regarding Owen’s blasphemy of Christ.
Theo VonOwen is triggered when a comedian wonders aloud if Owen was a white supremacist.
Whitney CummingsOwen is triggered when a comedian wonders aloud if Owen was a white supremacist.
Black Pilled’s LivechatOwen loses his mind when he is trolled by the members of a fellow streamer’s livechat.
Bronze Star BearOwen attacks a fan who served in the armed forces.
Sam TripoliOwen accuses a longtime ally of ‘concern trolling’.
Ice Age FarmerOwen picks a fight with a Christian homesteader on Instagram.
Building the RealmOwen smears a fan as a cult leader for trying to start a commune.
reloaderbearOwen repeatedly abuses and banishes a bear in chat to make an example of him.
OverBearOwen attacks and smears a loyal fan for petty reasons.
A Call For an UprisingOwen picks a fight with a fellow “truther”.
Moonbay BearOwen makes an example of a bear to show the rest of the cult his “shunning” policy.
Bret WeinsteinOwen gets mad and attacks Bret for calling him a “working man’s genius” when Owen believes he is just a regular genius.
Steven PinderOwen attacks a fan for suggesting he call Eric Nimmer to hash out their problems.
Mr. GoodbearOwen attacks a fan for sticking up for Steven Pinder.
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