Posts The Gig Harbor Post Office Menace Strikes Again

The Gig Harbor Post Office Menace Strikes Again

August 4th, 2020 - Backyard comedian Owen Benjamin has another crazy mask-related dust up at his local Gig Harbor, Washington Post Office.

Timestamps: 5:38 Violence could erupt at any time. So me and Amy are pumped to get out of here. 7:27 Hopefully I’ll get you killed. 10:15 Guy was yelling at me so I’m like shows knife. The cops are on my side. 11:10 I felt like I might have to fight people. 15:15 I made a lot of people think they’re gonna die. 17:05 If someone would’ve stabbed me they would’ve cheered. 17:30 Fiscally that would help a lot if you would just die right now. 18:45 I was too aggressive. 20:35 This area is 99% brain dead. 21:22 Just assume they’re dead. They’re dead people. - Aug 7, 2020

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