Posts Owen Benjamin's 'Private Paramilitary Force' Vertac Tactical offering Training to Idaho Bear Cult

Owen Benjamin's 'Private Paramilitary Force' Vertac Tactical offering Training to Idaho Bear Cult

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“Whether you plan to have a bug-out survival property, a full-time family homestead or retire and build your dream home, Rural America gives you ultimate freedom and safety far away from the Sanctuary City,” they write on their website. “Living on a rural property in a Free State also gives you the best chance to survive major events such as an EMP or nuclear strike, invasion by foreign powers and even a possible coming Civil War. Better to be Safe than sorry …”

The firm, it says on their website, “supports and recommends Brandon Verrett, lead instructor for VerTac Firearms Training based in Northern Idaho.”

Verret’s Tactical is said to be the agency set to provide the “bears” tactical firearms training.

“In it (Ursa Rio update #1126 April 27, 2021) he announces that he has selected dates to begin building ‘infrastructure’ and holding a two-week-long documentary event that will ‘include people flying in’ and tactical ‘firearms training by Verrett’s ‘VerTac’ Tactical,” part of the complaint provided planning and zoning and commissioners reads. “All his followers are are invited to attend this ‘epic’ event.”

“While Mr. Verrett does know Mr. Smith,” Dunbar writes, “they have not discussed that Verrett’s Tactical will provide any trainings for Mr. Smith in any capacity.”

In Tuesday’s meeting, neighboring property owners urged expedited action, to include consideration of a cease and desist order, estimating that up to 700 “bears” have donated and are planning to attend the property.

Source: Former comic riles neighbors with ‘Bearteria’ plans - Kootenai Valley Times

Concerned residents near the Moyie River along Earl Lane Road spoke to county commissioners on Tuesday, May 25, about an alleged “Ruby Ridge style” compound forming in Boundary County.

New compound forming, residents present zoning violations to commissioners - Coeur d’Alene/Post Falls Press

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