Posts Owen Benjamin vs Steven Crowder - Full Breakdown

Owen Benjamin vs Steven Crowder - Full Breakdown

Owen Benjamin talks about being fired by Steven Crowder - YouTube

Steven Crowder responds to Owen Benjamin + Owen’s reaction - YouTube

Owen Benjamin Takes Down Steven Crowder (SUPERCUT) - YouTube

Timestamps (Thanks to DongaWave]

02:05 crowder is a cautionary tale

03:58 where is ‘not gay jared’?

06:30 ‘anti semitic chode’

08:02 how steven crowder really feels about jews

09:05 ‘wheres crowder’s kids?’

10:54 crowder is a liar

11:45 crowder doesn’t go ‘live’

13:04 Owen reminisces on pounding claws

14:19 where CRTV made their money

15:39 owen loves making fun of cowards

17:32 crowder got 1 mil from walther

19:02 ‘where is sven computer?’

19:54 owen hasn’t given up on crowder

20:43 ‘crowder is gay’

21:14 bears Vs. small hats

23:02 ‘is crowder bi?’

24:37 owen is not an alpha, he’s a ‘bravo’

25:19 owen gets an email

29:01 ‘play it again’

31:33 it begins

32:48 another email

34:49 what is a ‘bravo’?

36:26 ‘hey amy, do you think crowder’s bi?’

37:47 acceptance: the final stage of grief

38:43 no one was having more fun then tesla

39:27 amy doesn’t want to answer

41:10 crowder wanted the bear D

42:29 hunting is NOT gay

43:32 ‘do you think crowder could go off the cuff like this?

44:22 crowder song on the beartar

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