Posts Owen Benjamin Stalks Idaho reporter, calls him a pedophile

Owen Benjamin Stalks Idaho reporter, calls him a pedophile

Owen Benjamin sends his ‘Bears’ to the home of an Idaho newspaper editor, Mike Weland, who covered a County Commissioners meeting in which residents complained that the Beartaria cult campground is an illegal commercial enterprise.

Weland’s article is linked below and is made up almost entirely of quotes from the Commissioners meeting.

Weland would write a subsequent piece (also linked below) describing the encounter:

On Thursday, two gentlemen came into my back yard as I was cleaning a batch of rocks I’m tumbling, camera and sound gear on. They identified themselves as Owen Benjamin’s film crew, and began telling me what a wonderful man the 40-year-old Benjamin was and questioning me about my sources for the article, asking if I was ashamed of myself for causing such a fine man and his family harm.

But it wasn’t long before that line of questioning dried up.

“Where’d you get that earring?” the cameraman/interviewer asked.

“A friend,” I replied. It had belonged to that friend’s deceased step-father, a token of Alcoholic’s Anonymous and symbol of his fight against addiction. It was given me for encouragement after I quit drinking a few years ago after years entrapped by my own addiction.

I was told, however, and with utmost certainty, that this was a symbol of pedophilia.

With that, I asked both to please leave my yard and they complied.


0:00 media blitz against the bear, amy replies to reporter
2:28 ‘mike weland, alleged to be a pro-pedophile guy’
2:49 ‘we sent out documentary guys to his office’
3:05 ‘he’s a fear porn, probably sex porn addict. 100%’
3:42 we cleared a tremendous amount of raw forest at beartaria compound
5:14 ‘just to make the pedophile guy in the wheelchair feel better about us..’
6:03 ‘you know he’s a porn addict, allegedly’
7:08 turpentine for nanobots
7:26 ‘when my guys went to his house’
9:34 neighbor thought we were gonna run her over.
11:33 ‘wheelchair-bound alleged pedo’
12:15 how to do PR big bear
14:02 it’s not commercial and you doxxed my address.
14:42 ‘an alleged pedophile in a wheelchair’
15:13 you hear that, weland?
15:53 no schizo heroin addicts can intimidate the post office
16:18 water situation update: we hooked up a generator.
17:28 we don’t have a paramilitary.
17:49 mike weland is an editor of a newspaper who posted unlimited lies.
18:20 being kicked off youtube cost me millions.
18:41 being kicked off youtube hasn’t affected our numbers at all.
19:00 so this is america?

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