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Owen Benjamin Bullied by Milker Nation

0:00 - there’s a group called Milker Nation that bullies me. 1:08 - advice to the milkers. 1:32 - like most honest people, i feel the need to constantly remind everyone that “i’m not lying”. 1:44 - the bullying i endure helps my mom not feel so bad about her life. 2:17 - who are you to judge a man that (says he) isn’t lying? 2:50 - bears: the bullies call us a cult cause we stick with owen. (no shit) 3:12 - look at how much wealth me and the bears have accrued (the bears sent owen $300,000 to buy property in his name). 3:28 - getting bullied affected my health. 3:45 - getting bullied got me into organic farming. 3:50 - i called police on my bullies (owen says these were mersh fans he had hunted down by a PI 4:05 - owen still doesn’t understand that CPS is not a SWAT team. owen admits CPS didn’t even subject him to a real investigation, much less a swatting, but owen never wastes a good opportunity to embellish his victimhood for his gullible fans. 4:20 - the swatting is why i seem like i’m drunk and on drugs. 4:25 - i’ve been bullied to “PTSD” levels. 4:50 - owen relates to chrissy tiegen. bullies also made her delete her twitter and messed her up mentally. 5:10 - will ferrell, jim gaffigan, and jim carrey are no longer funny thanks to ptsd from bullying. 5:40 - the right wing spiraled and claimed people were eating babies. also because of bullying from trolls. 7:40 - more bitching about being bullied. owen is outraged he’d be trolled with the claim his wife locked him out of the house. meanwhile he miscounts the number of children he has. 8:10 - owen, during the daily stream he does on youtube and not unauthorizedtv, claims uatv is “more stable” than youtube. 8:16 - it’s actually helpful to give my bullies a reaction. 9:00 - i wanted to go to hell to be around the funny and attractive people that did a lot of fucking when i was a kid. 10:40 - owen was the author of a “profound” quote when he was a kid. 10:58 - another profound quote from 10 IQ owen: “don’t let the facts destroy the knowledge”. In other words truth should be resisted when it is destructive to your beliefs. 11:34 - owen has been hurt so bad by online bullies that he considers them “sadists” who like to inflict “pain” and see him “suffer”. 11:58 - imagine if the bullying scared me. 12:35 - the bullying scared me. 13:05 - the bullying owen endured causes “legitimate trauma”. 13:45 - owen was bullied so bad it would’ve made any sane man act crazy. 14:25 - owen sold thousands of memberships based on the idea he had his own censorship-free competitor to sites like Vimeo, YouTube, and other large video platforms. he even compares uatv to youtube at the 8min mark of this very video. so how can a censorship-free competitor to Vimeo get kicked off Vimeo? his bitching and attempt to play victim here is actually admission of guilt to a giant scam but the bears don’t get it or don’t care. 14:48 - the 72 bears i got sued and humiliated by patreon have inspired millions. 15:16 - owen is like one keanu reeves character in another keanu reeves movie. 15:42 - chat bullying me is the reason i seem like i’m on drugs. 17:00 - owen was sent novelty gummies from which were eaten by his boyfriend eric nimmer when he stayed at owen’s house. months later shameless owen claimed the gummies were poisoned and it was an attempt to murder his kids. 19:46 - owen takes exception with someone saying “your jew is showing”, because he and the bears have done more to expose the jews than anyone. 20:12 - a few days earlier, owen blamed his jew tirades on a toothache. 20:22 - if owen’s mouth sore gets any bigger he’s going to try to claim it as a dependent. 20:44 - owen makes another classic meme really gay so the bears can enjoy it too. 21:22 - owen’s funny bit where he wishes death on his worshippers. 21:48 - right but very wrong at the same time.

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