Posts Owen Benjamin Building Stone Cabins May 22 Weekend at North Idaho Compound

Owen Benjamin Building Stone Cabins May 22 Weekend at North Idaho Compound

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0:00 40 cords of wood and 2000 bags of cement. an escavator. stone cabins.

2:37 we’re restructuring society. i’m the least skilled guy there so i’ll be hauling water from the river.

4:08 we’ve been clearing dense woods.

4:38 400 will have access to camping every year. plus festivals and events.

5:55 building stone cabins with no running water.

6:20 nervous about the build. stone cabins, no water.

6:45 it is mine technically.

7:30 owen will be bringing milk, escavator bear will be there.

8:20 dude who first dreamt it up is carrying pitchers of water from a river and mixing 2000 cement bags by hand.

9:15 escavator bear is gonna be there. i’m gonna be carrying water paying for my life of sin. we don’t have a plan.

9:50 no electricity no water i got 100k. raised 300k total. we have no plan, trust in God.

10:42 no power no water 100k, lets do this. start building friday.

11:20 lets use your 100k to make a beautiful story. my haters and trolls are wrong about me.

11:53 reclaiming our ancestors through trust in God, however you define it. a grotesque sculpture to lack of planning.

13:43 trust the flow. escavator bear bringing escavator on sunday.

14:02 idk if ppl will go or if it’ll fall apart but documentary will be good.

14:58 building the structures for the womenfolk.

15:32 problems logging donations because we were having a baby. beartaria donation website has been hacked by some serious trolls.

16:55 you contributed to a movie being made.

17:20 a documentary for your donations.

17:47 your 250 helped pay for documentary.

18:32 documentary will start editing in august.

18:52 what can we learn from our ancestors? crazy comedian with 100k reality show.

19:36 documentary worthy stuff but not naked and afraid.

20:24 team mom owen will be feeding the workers.

20:44 bears are the new world order.

21:08 bunkhouse will cost 9k and sleep 10 ppl.

23:24 bears will stay warm in bunkhouse with their body heat.

24:03 a fuckload of cord wood.

24:59 the gas pipeline through the property is a good thing. bear never thought it was gonna be a bring your own tent type of thing.

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