Posts Fearing for his life, Owen Benjamin flees to Idaho

Fearing for his life, Owen Benjamin flees to Idaho

Many are wondering exactly why washed up piano comic Owen Benjamin abruptly uprooted his family, including a newborn son, to relocate to Northern Idaho right before winter.

In this video, Big Bear expwains that “I’ve gotten enough threats where I’m like ‘OK, I’m gonna live in a pwace where if I put a sign that says No Trespassing, I can f*cking use a scope. DUDE, you can use a scope’”.


00:00 - Idaho has no gun laws.
01:00 - pause, sigh, look to the side. One of the things I love about Idaho is freedom to shoot trespassers.
01:45 - In Idaho you can kill people with barely any paperwork.
02:45 - Bear tries to pinpoint Owen’s location.
03:20 - Now that I have my foreverland.
04:00 - People try to triangulate so they can swat my house.
04:20 - People don’t understand the hurdles I face in my life.
04:40 - CPS came out a bunch of times.
05:05 - I’m tight with all the law enforcement here.
05:35 - I’ve gotten enough threats that I need a scope and a suppressor.
06:00 - I know all my congresspeople here.
07:04 - Taking advantage of Idaho having no gun laws, Owen is going to CONCEALED carry a six-shooter on his belt. Not for self defense, but as a fashion statement.

Original upload Sep 17, 2020 - youtube

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