Posts Enablers (Amy Reinke Smith and James Coddington)

Enablers (Amy Reinke Smith and James Coddington)

Owen Benjamin Smith streams with white residue in his nostril, behaves in an erratic and manic way on camera, then brags that his online butler Coddington and wife Amy take care of all his responsibilities to ensure the gravy train keeps rolling.


0:00 - i offload my thinking to amy.
0:10 - cod has my passwords so he can do everything for me.
0:45 - calling amy to deal with the dog.
1:15 - you can put the dog in the truck, i just need an hour.
1:20 - i made cod an employee because he got trolled.
1:55 - cod works his ass off for me.
2:20 - cod fields my texts at 3 in the morning.
2:40 - idk what dlive even is.
3:45 - owen gives an analogy for his relationship with his enablers.
4:15 - i dont fill out any paperwork.
4:20 - i dont know my current address. its almost like retard level.
4:35 - knowing where i live is not an important thing.
5:00 - amy does everything when it comes to banking, insurance, etc.
5:20 - i would be homeless if not for my enablers.
5:50 - i don’t know my kids’ birthdays.

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