Posts Digital Jonestown featured in Spokane Spokesman-Review

Digital Jonestown featured in Spokane Spokesman-Review

The Spokesman-Review, leading local paper in Spokane, Washington included a link to this very website in a June 4, 2021 feature on Owen Benjamin, “Concerns about ex-comic starting a ‘Ruby-Ridge-style compound’ roil Boundary County”.

In one online video, Benjamin and a guest calling himself “Jimbob” discussed work underway to clear a “tremendous amount” of the land and to dig and pour foundations for buildings. Elsewhere, Benjamin has claimed he bought 40 cords of wood and 2,000 bags of cement and would be “hauling up buckets” of water from the Moyie River to “hand mix and pour cement” as part of a plan to build “stone cabins.”

The article details Owen’s harassment of Kootenai Valley Times reporter and even includes comments from Darrell Kerby, former Bonners Ferry mayor of 28 years.

The piece was also syndicated in the Clark County paper The Columbian and the print edition of the Idaho Press.

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