Posts DAY 2 of Owen Benjamin Harassing Idaho Reporter Mike Weland

DAY 2 of Owen Benjamin Harassing Idaho Reporter Mike Weland

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Day 1

Credit to u/DigitalBenLilly on Reddit for the image of Mike.


0:00 we confronted the ktv reporter, he’s an alleged pedo.

3:09 they misquoted me. a troll pretended to be me and said come to beartaria.

3:50 we didn’t break any codes.

4:25 how I view God.

5:23 i’m alleging that he’s a pedophile.

6:15 he said I was building a ruby ridge-style compound.

7:08 video of bears confronting weland.

10:50 he compared me to a murderer because of zoning violations.

11:30 he has a pedo symbol on his ear.

12:35 catching trout in the moyie river. every day i bring up lambchops.

13:00 we cut down an old 135 foot tree.

13:45 video of bears confronting weland cont’d.

15:30 he editorializes and writes all his own comments.

16:00 i see a pedo in a wheel chair talking shit about great men.

16:17 a pedo trying to take away the american dream.

17:25 more of a following than that piece of shit.

19:01 i’ll be returning to youtube when the time is right.

19:20 drone shot of felled tree.

21:00 i’m from a psychic area.

22:00 the war right now is racists against pedophiles.

22:20 cod keeps reminding me i’m like a legit explorer.

22:40 ladyqanon can’t wait to join the beartaria build.

23:00 drinking out of the moyie river.

23:30 the gig is up, mike weland.

24:00 unlike mike weland, the failed comedian.

24:30 you’re not in the beast system if you’re here.

25:28 don’t comment, he keeps deleting it.

25:50 owen benjamin makes his kid cry over scorpion videos

26:51 elk.

27:16 we’re gonna have to talk, cringepanda.

29:10 i shouldn’t have to say it, but i’m really funny.

29:30 their group is all pedophiles.

33:00 he compared me to a murderer. my talents are a gift from God to the community.

33:30 i don’t need accolades but i’m the funniest comedian alive.

34:30 owen tells teenager cringepanda to listen to his comedy bit about panda sex.

36:00 psychic abilities.

36:13 kids in panda suits.

36:25 panda sex bit cont’d.

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