Posts Beartaria Update 6/1 Part 2: Daily Beast Drops Article on Cult Compound

Beartaria Update 6/1 Part 2: Daily Beast Drops Article on Cult Compound

0:00:00documentary is gonna be epic the story is so good of what weve done.
0:00:16a legend came up to me at teeball to console me about the bad press ive been getting.
0:00:59the biggest thing i dont like about all the hit pieces about me.
0:01:55ive been looking into the zoning laws. ppl are bummed im not starting a cult.
0:04:26documentary and building crew sent home to let the media heat die down.
0:05:12i never called it a compound. dude we’re on yahoo news right now.
0:05:33do we get to kill the sodomites in your cult?
0:08:09in the future we can talk compound.
0:08:24hey bb should we marry our cousins?
0:08:36bear denied trip to beartaria. guys if you haven’t been invited, you’re trespassing.
0:11:19‘he stole money from me and hes starting a white supremacist compound’.
0:12:50i’ve already had a wedding and 20 ppl camp at beartaria.
0:14:04ruby ridge and waco.
0:18:49don’t go to beartaria without aninvitation.
0:19:23dont let government officials on your property. media is the real threat to you and your family.
0:20:07ruby ridge and waco cont’d.
0:21:23the paramilitary thing was a joke. they’re painting me this way because they’re paranoid.
0:22:13dailymail article is schizophrenic. ppl have been tricked by out-of-context compilation videos.
0:23:15i stand behind some of it, even out of context.
0:24:40amy saw gary and terry irl.
0:25:05make mirror channels on youtube.
0:25:27why are some ppl so against gardening?
0:25:53i’ve never encouraged shaming of mask ppl.
0:26:22dont taunt the media like i have my whole career. don’t constantly youtube everything. don’t talk about jews.
0:26:50media is oddly promoting me. i went over the zoning laws with a fine tooth comb. show at beartaria
0:28:30i’ve thought about shooting ppl a lot.
0:29:30i’m gonna do a show at beartaria. 500 ppl maximum. i have water rights to the river.
0:30:33i was on yahoo as starting a white supremacy compound in idaho.
0:31:06imagine if i was one of history’s greatest snipers.
0:31:39now the world knows that i crush. los angeles liberals versus idaho liberals.
0:32:36book suppository
0:33:06i can open a newspaper and read nonsense about my own life.
0:34:38when you see me getting slandered what are your thoughts?
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