Posts Beartaria Update 5/29 Part 1: Idaho Cult Leader continues to cope with bad press

Beartaria Update 5/29 Part 1: Idaho Cult Leader continues to cope with bad press


00:00 in a great mood, been off the diet all week.

01:30 bears are very strong and have high neuroplasticity.

02:59 owen hates trump.

03:14 more of a hero than soldiers.

04:21 i live healthy and i’m fat, so i’m supposed to be fat.

04:55 why demonic people hate me.

06:40 people who fake being in a wheelchair.

07:30 demons who spend their whole life lying about me.

08:05 look what i just did to that blogger in north idaho.

10:18 redbar likes me, i warmed his heart.

12:00 mersh is not funny and not skilled.

12:35 people who clip me and make compilation videos.

13:33 daily beast called me for quotes for an article.

14:23 no way you can take redbar seriously

14:35 my enemies are dying for me to send bad meat.

15:17 we’re staying in north idaho. we’re gonna maga.

15:37 hate whacks.

16:13 i get more shit than anybody.

17:06 99 percent of people watch porn.

17:21 God has been blessing my family with fear but we dont feel fear.

18:00 they dragged my name through the mud.

18:53 the north idaho media went on a rampage.

19:12 making me out to be waco and ruby ridge cult leader.

19:40 the local idaho news outlets are all about pedophilia.

20:47 the big hit video circulated to cops, firefighters, cps.

24:35 i’m not paramilitary, i just split production costs with vertac.

27:13 an army around a castle.

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