Posts Beartaria Update 6/6: Idaho Cult Leader Lays Concrete Foundation for Cabins on Compound

Beartaria Update 6/6: Idaho Cult Leader Lays Concrete Foundation for Cabins on Compound


00:00in a much better mood today. think of me as a coach, not someone being mean.
00:35bear made a super cool deepfake of big bear.
00:49odysee is retarded. odysee is doing a scam.
01:44odysee is lying.
02:37killer trump impression.
04:38owen explains mushroom ween to rebecca-bear.
05:02not doing paramilitary training, we are building a castle.
05:26laid concrete foundation for 3 cabins.
07:22these hit pieces say i’m a white supremacist with compounds in israel.
07:57i used to tell ppl how smart i was.
08:16a laugh for kootenai county news to use to terrify my neighbors.
08:34i gave an aggressive pep talk friday.
09:02weland is alleged pedo and failed comedian. i’m an accomplished comedian.
09:57we got rid of the odysee chat.
10:15my dream is every six hours in america land owned by me paid for by bears.
12:23my son can run ursa rio when i jump into mount doom with the last gamma.
13:12kathy griffin retweeted paramilitary article about me.
13:45this is how you make wood.
14:55gammas are trying to ruin what i’m doing to prove that it’s a scam.
16:35i knew there’d be media backlash. i’ve had no fear or apprehension.
18:00my dad traumatized me in ways in order to do stadiums.
19:29sickness is caused by your thoughts and physicalities.
19:31water memory and earth breathing.
20:29people don’t think about sex in the winter.
20:47cancer is caused by no gratitude and no connection to God.
21:00aids was caused by a dark lifestyle.
21:26that sodomite bitch who told everyone i was starting a compound in idaho is breaking the law.
22:00women are sexual for 2 days a month.
22:39i know a fuckload about a lot.
22:58beartaria the leading culture of the future.
23:43how animals die.
23:55we’re birthing Christ and his counterpart.
24:39cheer up bb. since when do we care about gammas and pedophiles?
25:00i’m not leaving idaho. i’m not trying to hurt mike weland. you alleged pedo.
25:43beartaria refuge roleplay fantasy: whether to execute enemies or put them in a work camp.
29:48everything’s ovulating. trailing off.
30:21the only time i almost saw a psychiatrist.
30:31owen doesnt like the model type
31:21bear provides a screenshot of another bear saying burn owen the heretic.
32:32i felt like i was in hell.
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