Posts Beartaria Update 6/2: Owen vs. the Global Media (and Odysee Chat) | North Idaho Cult Compound

Beartaria Update 6/2: Owen vs. the Global Media (and Odysee Chat) | North Idaho Cult Compound

00:00the global media’s gone crazy about this compound.
02:08ruby ridge-like compound.
03:53ruby ridge cont’d. the atf is a paramilitary.
05:08im watching a genocide right now.
05:47i looked into the codes and regulations.
06:52“documentary crew” sent home. documentary on hold.
07:45the wheelchair guy is gonna try to bohemian grove bb.
08:02i’ve only gotten backlash from californians and made-up people.
09:06guy in the wheelchair reeks of pedophilia.
10:06they come to my paramilitary compound with their paramilitary and realize autistic psychopaths have been taking my jokes seriously.
10:34bear paw ideology.
10:58another owen benjamin scam: the ‘signed dvd’ fraud.
12:15warning to bears: no trespassing at beartaria. i’ve researched the codes.
13:36the global media is coming at me because of trolls.
14:24we’re gonna have bear festivals. otherwise no more than 10 to 15 people at a time at beartaria.
14:55$400 is not a lot of money. i’m close to spending all the beartaria money.
15:34bear wants to visit beartaria. if you trespass you’ll be arrested.
16:02global media printed fake quotes from me.
17:05beartaria build is on hold.
17:47if there were any problems i would’ve had cops come to my house.
18:10be patient you will be invited.
19:18they can be lawfully shot on sight. beartaria is already a success.
20:21you can turn a gay nightclub into a church.
20:47rereading daily beast article about beartaria.
21:57pedo wheelchair guy writing hit pieces about me.
23:00lady bear asks big bear if she can give her husband a bj.
23:25big bears real estate strategy.
24:54yoga mats are satanic prayer rug.
25:17yoga is a cult.
26:17the value of this place has almost doubled.
26:36bjs are gay.
26:54impression of charlie as asian.
27:11stonegroundbear was upset with Owen for depicting God the father and Christ his son in a pedophile relationship.
30:57freighttrainbear’s milker nation gamma murder fantasy. trinity spiral cont’d.
41:46bear’s 12 year old daughter loves bb and has the maturity of a 35 year old.
42:27stonegroundbear trinity spiral cont’d.
43:06dealing with pathological narcissists.
43:43odysee chat is so uncomfortable.
45:21gonna have a fourth kid
45:40boston accent
47:25frontlinesjackbear, architect of beartaria cabins.
47:36anyone who brings up odysee chat is banned from telegram.
48:17we prob have to go to another platform now.
49:04basedgardener banned.
49:36dont look at the odysee chat.
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