Posts Beartaria Update 6/4: Cult Leader turns on his audience, threatens to quit livestreaming

Beartaria Update 6/4: Cult Leader turns on his audience, threatens to quit livestreaming


00:00 amy attended a hearing.
00:52 we poured foundation for 2 cabins. all the media being said about me is total lies.
01:10 2 out of 4 cement truck drivers were bears. it’s right out of fight club.
01:38 interview with cement truck driver about calling mike weland a pedo.
03:58 weland can use his legs just fine.
04:17 my wife helped keep our area from going commercial.
05:20 cement guy cont’d.
06:05 be involved with local government.
06:55 our neighbors love us there’s one crazy lady.
08:10 i’m a good comedian for highly moral ppl.
09:35 everyone should homeschool. cement guy agrees they are all pedophiles in wheelchairs.
12:20 scottishbear gets in trouble for mentioning gammas in chat.
12:30 weland pedo trash talk cont’d. i don’t have to prove that he’s a pedo.
13:15 the root of all evil is not admitting when youre wrong. i had an argument with my wife. systems are breaking down.
14:14 making fun of formerly mute son charlie.
15:47 milling our own wood from trees we cut down. beartaria neighbors invited me to potluck.
16:39 media gamma attack causing flashbacks. i’m like a war vet and i’m not even joking.
17:20 making our own table saving money on wood.
17:37 beartaria concrete foundation. we cleared the forest with an ‘escavator’.
18:19 out of touch millionaire thinks a dozen eggs is 6 dollars.
18:40 offload on to me if you don’t have high iq.
18:57 i can see patterns, chat looks kinda dead. do you guys still like that its live?
20:00 by chatting on odysee you’re condemning your family.
20:55 young ppl think onions come from taco bell, i’m not kidding.
21:21 i don’t need to do these streams, i have plenty of income.
24:05 threatening bears over odysee chat.
27:33 we’re building beartaria dont bring gamma shit into my chat.
27:51 building a camping community in the idaho jungle.
28:40 you get this voice in your head. we’re in a collapse.
29:00 i’ve spent thousands suing patreon. threatening bears cont’d. rethinking what i do for a living.
30:18 i know what’s healthy for people.
31:53 might paywall the livestreams. i’m being attacked constantly.
32:57 drawn to the light of the gamma.
33:10 massive powers trying to destroy my audience.
33:25 it’s intense to see your face on yahoo news. threatening bears cont’d.
34:13 ban for mentioning odysee chat.
34:43 it was a mistake to come to odysee. bears aren’t strong enough to handle it. it was bad leadership.
35:11 do you secretly want me to go down?
35:55 slandered by the beast.
37:14 it’s because of these gamma hives.
37:35 fear porn.
38:04 not scared.
38:14 i’m not being hypocritical with the mike weland thing.
38:29 ban 2acre-nd-bear.
39:49 the odysee chat won.
40:22 moonjazzbear is in this battle against the principalities of darkness with owen and the bears for more than this lifetime.
40:40 i apologize, i went too hard today. don’t look at it as being yelled at. i’m your coach.
42:54 i hate that i had to ban 2acre-nd-bear. the gamma voice in my head rots communities.
43:22 i really really don’t wanna stop livestreaming.
43:35 dont stare at gammas, they’ll be dead.
44:35 george has killed one bunny.
45:08 when you accept lies your brain gets all fucked up. i really wanna let back 2acre-nd-bear.
47:05 no more odysee chat - we hate it. i’m an expert at gammas. we’re gonna unban 2acre-nd-bear. I work 18 hours a day.
49:12 we’re trolled all the time. 2acre-nd-bear is an awesome guy.
49:38 literal criminals who have attacked my family. let 2acre-nd-bear back.
50:48 gammas changing our entire culture, affecting your sanity. trolls have been successful.
53:42 these gamma hives affect your consciousness.
54:37 owen and lady-qanon-bear admire the loyalty of the qtards.
55:56 owen gets some chocolate in his system and decides he’ll do every stream with gratitude and joy from now on with no yelling.
56:48 i get how the gamma troll voice gets in your head.
57:15 sorry 2acre-nd-bear, i was just having a bit of ptsd.

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