Posts Anyone who 'donated' to Beartaria can now camp there!

Anyone who 'donated' to Beartaria can now camp there!

This is the video referenced in a presentation to Boundary County Commissioners by concerned residents and reported on by the Daily Beast and other news outlets recently. Owen’s response has been to lie and claim he was impersonated, when in fact he was just paraphrased. At 0:18 he says very clearly “as soon as we secure land, everyone who contributed is allowed to camp there”.

Owen later claimed only people who donated over $400 could camp, of which there were 700, so the plan is 70 bears at a time for 5 months a year.

It appears much of what Owen promised is actually illegal, according to the neighbors who are lobbying to have this all shut down.

The story was also picked up by the Daily Mail today (6/1/2021).

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